Adobe Exchange Partner Program

Marketo-integrated Technology Partner

Become an Adobe Exchange Partner and get access to the resources and information you need to build and market your integrations to Marketo customers and the broader Adobe ecosystem.

Interested in Becoming a Marketo-integrated Technology Partner?

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The LaunchPoint Partner Program has now merged with the Adobe Exchange Partner Program to ensure a single streamlined and standardized partner program and experience. Partners now have access to the broader Adobe ecosystem including Adobe, Marketo and Magento customers and solutions.

Whether you are just beginning your journey in marketing, ready to scale, or prefer to focus on innovation, becoming a Marketo-integrated Technology Partners provides you with everything you need to meet your unique requirements. 

Why should you become a Marketo-integrated Technology Partner?
  • Gain access to 5,000+ Marketo Engage customers and solutions by building an integration
  • Join a network of best-inbreed partners and marketing professionals 
  • Receive marketing and enablement support through the Adobe Exchange Partner Program

Build you integration with Marketo Engage by taking advantage of our deep developer resources, including open office hours and a developer sandbox instance.

To learn more about integrating with Marketo Engage, please visit our developer site