Adobe Chats - The Debunk: Is the high street dead?


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Contrary to what you might have heard, the high street is far from dead. In fact, it appears to be on the edge of rebirth. COVID-19 may have accelerated the struggle on the shop floor. But the signs suggest that a rebirth is right around the corner – and the high street’s changing role is going to affect people who sell by clicks as well as bricks.

This episode looks at the changing role of the high street, including the effects of COVID-19 and how this has impacted buyer behaviour and retailer strategy.


Myth: Has the high street changed forever?

  • The real impact of COVID-19 on the high street
  • How local businesses can win big with bricks and mortar stores
  • What businesses should be doing to get both on and offline interaction right



  •  Caroline Baldwin, Retail and Technology Journalist
  • Peter Sheldon, Senior Director, Commerce Strategy, Adobe
  • Simon Hathaway, Outform (ecomm)
  • Katy Hilditch, Global Marketing Director at Nando's Grocery International Limited

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