Business to Human: An Engagement Marketing Panel Discussion


Today's B2B buyer completes as much as 70% of their buyer journey digitally. It's an imperative for marketers to engage with buyers in a highly targeted manner that connects with them both emotionally and rationally in each stage of the buyer journey.

Marketing automation is the critical technology enabling this type of relevant, contextual engagement that leads to conversion and revenue growth.  But many organizations have yet to fully realize the promise of the engagement economy.

This 45 minute, interactive webinar will provide you with insights on taking the next steps in leveraging Marketing Automation to create a modern engagement marketing infrastructure.

Hosted by Marketo and Demand Spring and featuring a panel of your peers who will discuss:

  • Going beyond email - creating a marketing automation roadmap to drive engagement
  • Building a lead scoring model that truly delivers engaged, sales-ready leads
  • Implementing an omni-channel nurture strategy, leveraging 3rd party marketing data and integration, that accelerates conversion
  • Measuring engagement and ROI with analytic reports and processes
  • Driving effective lead management and marketing and sales alignment

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