Predictive Audiences


Target the right audience every time using artificial intelligence​

Turn event invites into registrations and attendees

Increase your chances of reaching your registration and attendance goals without increasing your overall send list using drag-and-drop event-related predictive filters into your audience segmentation.

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Avoid emailing customers who are likely to opt-out​

Don’t risk losing an audience forever by engaging them with irrelevant content. Let AI suppress audience members who are more likely to unsubscribe to minimize your overall opt-outs. 

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Use AI to find lookalike audiences similar to your best-fit customers​

Find more of the right people to efficiently and effectively replicate success from one campaign to the next with lookalike audiences. Simply build or find an existing audience, and instantly identify more people who fit the bill.

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Confidently reach your goals with AI-powered in-flight recommendations​

Set it and forget it campaigns are a thing of the past. Take proactive actions towards achieving your event goals based with real-time AI-powered recommendations that are delivered to you as actionable insights​

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