Jon Miller



Account-Based Marketing

Identify and Engage High-Yield Target Accounts

account based marketingAccount-based marketing helps B2B marketers engage high-yield target accounts according to industry, company size, or named account lists. Present relevant content that educates, nurtures, and guides these valuable accounts through the decision process – whether they engage with your company on display, mobile, or web.

Measure and analyze the effectiveness of your marketing programs across various channels, according to how they drive engagement with target accounts and groups. Then, reallocate marketing dollars to the best-performing programs, to meet your goals and improve ROI.

Buyers today spend much more time researching a purchase before engaging with a sales person, which puts considerable responsibility for the sale on the marketing team. Marketo Real-Time Personalization makes it possible for Marketing teams to have the same laser focus as Sales – going after the same accounts and helping to drive home the deals everyone is talking about.