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Real-Time Personalization

Engage Targeted Individuals with Relevant Content and Personalized Messaging

Marketo Real-Time Personalization creates meaningful, real-time interactions with targeted individuals through dynamically generated, personalized communication across email, web, ads and mobile – with any content management system (CMS) and with no IT involvement.

Using firmographic and behavioral data to customize web and mobile experiences, marketers can drive up to a 30% increase in conversion rates and up to a 270% increase in content consumption.

Personalize Across Channels

Engage targeted prospects with relevant content and personalized messaging to create meaningful interactions in real-time and drive more conversions. 

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Engage Target Accounts

Engage high-yield target accounts in real time, wherever they interact with your company to better align with Sales and generate more qualified leads.

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Maximize Content ROI

Discover and display your top performing content with our recommendation engine, powered by predictive analytics to educate prospects and accelerate the sales cycle.

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Easy & Integrated

Marketo Real-Time Personalization supports any content management system, requires no IT, and integrates with your existing web, analytics and marketing tools.

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Why Marketo?


Only Marketo can personalize experiences with targeted individual buyers and decision makers across web, email, mobile, and display advertising to drive more engagement and conversions.

  • Extend your marketing reach to identify and engage top-of-funnel anonymous prospects in real-time based on firmographics and behavior.
  • Engage high-yield target accounts according to industry, company size, or named-account lists to educate, nurtures, and guide them through the decision process
  • Generate personalized digital experiences for every individual customer and prospect based on their title, score and products used.
  • Orchestrate intelligent and coordinated customer interactions across channels based on the visitor’s intent and potential 

Marketo Real-Time Personalization is the only software that combines the speed of real-time targeting and personalization with the insights of machine learning, big data and predictive analytics. It is designed to identify visitor profile and behavior patterns and automatically discover and recommend the most appropriate content for every interaction. 

  • Leverage A/B testing and auto-tuning campaigns to always present the best performing calls-to-action on landing pages and web sites.
  • Leverage the assets you already have to connect targeted prospects with relevant content to automatically nurture, educate and convert.
  • Serve up the case-study, video, or blog post that makes the most sense for each unique online or mobile visitor
  • Analyze content consumption and relationship to the sales cycle using smart technology that learns and optimizes on its own

Marketo Real-Time Personalization supports ANY content management system (CMS), ANY type of content, and requires ZERO IT. While smaller organizations can start personalizing web pages in minutes, its powerful enough to meet the needs of large enterprises managing multiple domains, web technologies and marketing programs.

  • Turn your web site into an adaptive, personalized content delivery platform regardless of the technology it was built on
  • Marketo Real-Time Personalization is easy to implement and run, with a visual campaign editor and ZERO coding required
  • Leverage hands-free features including account analytics, content discovery, content recommendations and form completion for immediate value
  • Support multiple domains and content management systems within one account. Integrate with any other marketing automation software