Marketing Impact Analytics

Gain unmatched visibility into how well your customer experience is performing.


Turn your data into insights, and insights into happy customers

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Map your entire customer journey with ease

From awareness to revenue, map out all the stages of your customer lifecycle with Sales to maximize deal velocity.

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Easy-to-use analytics, accessible to all marketers

Benefit from actionable reports and dashboards built for every marketer, from practitioner to CMO.

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Understand program, channel, and content effectiveness

Measure which programs, channels, and content are providing the best experience — all in full context of each other.

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Know which touchpoints are more influential than others

Find the optimal marketing mix and tailor your insights using out-of-the-box and custom multi-touch attribution models.

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Meet your unique measuring needs with ad-hoc reporting

From pre-built dashboards to business intelligence reporting, get the data you need with ease, when and where you need it.

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Centralize all your customer experience performance data

Unify sales, marketing, and ad performance data across channels and technologies to gain a holistic view of your results.


Increase in MQLs with the same budget by reallocating resources to high performing efforts

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More pipeline attributed to marketing with more accurate attribution data

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Increase in deal size from marketing leads

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Marketing Impact Analytics Features