Email Deliverability

Make sure your emails hit your customers’ inboxes for campaign success

Email deliverability is the single most critical factor to the success of your email campaigns. Marketo provides industry-leading deliverability to ensure your messages hit your recipients’ inboxes. Plus, we maintain relationships with receivers to ensure rapid issue resolution, feedback loops and whitelisting.

Email Deliverability Tools

In addition to the capabilities of Marketo's platform, we offer technology from world leaders in email deliverability to help ensure every message reaches the recipient’s inbox. Through our advanced deliverability tools, you can:

  • Preview how your campaign will display across different email clients, web browsers and mobile devices
  • Identify if the HTML or content will cause trouble with spam filters before you hit send
  • Validate your links and redirects are working and minimize load times

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Dedicated Email Deliverability Team

Marketo has a dedicated team of professionals that live and breathe deliverability. These deliverability experts maintain Marketo's network range and interface with ISPs and anti-spam systems. Additionally, Marketo's deliverability team is available to customers that would like advice and guidance on how to improve their email campaigns.


Email Monitoring

Marketo's deliverability back-end includes monitoring programs to address any issues before they arise. Email systems use a wide-range of bounce codes and connection settings requirements that are different from one system to the next. Marketo is constantly updating our systems based on feedback from recipients.


IP Options for Customers

Marketo has a range of IP options available to our customers

  • Dedicated IPs - Customers that send enough volume to maintain a positive reputation on a dedicated IP are given dedicated IPs. These customers have full control over their sender reputation and their deliverability.
  • Trusted IPs - For customers that have exhibited top-notch best practices, Marketo has a trusted, shared IP range that is registered with major ISPs.  These IPs are only available for customers who meet certain requirements, including limits on total monthly email volume.
  • Shared IPs - Marketo offers a shared IP range that is constantly monitored and actively managed by our deliverability team


Feedback Loops

Marketo is registered with all the major ISPs to receive alerts whenever your recipients report emails as junk or spam. Additionally, Marketo has feedback loops (FBLs) registered with major corporate email outsource providers like Rackspace and Tucows. We'll instantly unsubscribe any complaint reports in order to keep our senders from being blocked in the future.


Receiver and ISP Relations

Sometimes good messages are caught in spam filters. This is known as a false-positive. When false positives occur, resolution can require reaching out and escalating issues to the anti-spam vendors or receiving ISPs. Marketo's deliverability team maintains extensive contacts with receivers and can take action if Marketo customers are experiencing false-positives.

Participation in Industry Organizations

Email and privacy associations such as the Messaging Anti-Abuse Working Group (MAAWG) and the Online Trust Alliance (OTA) are leading forums where the email community codifies its requirements for senders. Marketo is an active participant in these organizations. It is our mission to represent our customer community at these organizations so that our customer's voice is heard.


Authentication Protocol Deployment

Businesses of all size are constant victims of forgeries, spoofing and phishing attempts. This can impact legitimate senders when their reputations are hit by forgeries. To protect themselves from these types of attacks, businesses deploy authentication protocols. Authentication protocols help email receivers separate legitimate messages from spam and malware. When a sender deploys the authentication protocols a receiver uses, it is easier for that receiver to make its delivery decision and less false-positive filtering occurs. Marketo implements and optimizes all major email authentication protocols that senders need, including DKIM (DomainKey Identified Mail) and SPF (Sender Protection Framework).


Advanced Bounce Handling

Over the past two decades, ISP and email receiving systems have continued to diverge further and further from email RFC standards by starting to use a high number of custom bounce codes. Modern email systems need to know what all these different bounce codes mean so they can properly process soft and hard bounces while giving senders the visibility they need to manage their email campaigns. Marketo's email backend is continuously updated with the latest bounce codes and proper processing commands.


DNS and Email Routing Efficiency

Virtually all businesses today are under constant attack from spam and malware messaging. Legitimate messages make up only a small percentage of the total volume of email hitting networks. This means that email receivers have to be efficient in their DNS lookups to conserve resources and not waste them on spam or malware. Marketo's email envelopes are highly optimized to reduce processing friction with email systems.


The Sender's Responsibility

Of course, senders (that's you) directly affect their own email deliverability. Senders with long-term deliverability keep clean lists, spend the time to understand their audience and create carefully targeted messages that are relevant to subscribers.


As the sender, Marketo's customers are responsible for what they send and who they send it to. Email systems watch to see how its users respond and interact with your email. You are then given a score based on how your subscribers interacted with your email campaigns. If your subscribers did a lot of opening, clicking, forwarding, saving or printing of your messages, then you will have a good sender reputation. If your subscribers did not interact with your message or, worse yet, marked your messages as junk, you'll have a poor sender reputation.


Put simply, if you send relevant messages to an opt-in list, you will build a reputation for good email deliverability; if you send irrelevant messages or do not establish permission, you will hurt your reputation and deliverability. This means there is simply no eliminating the sender from the deliverability picture.


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