Account Insights & Profiling

Collaborate on a shared strategy with sales and identify the right target accounts together using data and AI

HERO ABM Capabilities Flex Element

Manage your target accounts from one place with speed, ease, and confidence

AI-powered account profiling & selection

Know which accounts to target at scale using AI, with one-click

  • Predictive ideal customer profile models 
  • Easy-to-use custom model tuning
  • Account-level fit indicators & signals 
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ABM Capabilities C1 AI Powered

Fit, intent & engagement data enrichment

View a full and accurate understanding of each target account in one convenient place

  • Combined fit, intent & Marketo engagement data
  • Centralized first & third party account-level data
  • Fit indicator campaign filters 
ABM Capabilities C2 Fit and Intent

Predictive propensity scoring & prioritization

Save time by automatically ranking and prioritizing your target accounts using data and AI

  • Account-level propensity scoring
  • Predictive account ranking  
  • Automatic account prioritization
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ABM Capabilities C4 Predictive Propensity

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Account list management & lead-to-account matching

Build multiple trustworthy target account lists and discover your current account contact coverage

  • Target and named account list management
  • Dynamic CRM account list sync
  • Lead-to-account matching
ABM Capabilities C3 Account List Management

Account engagement scoring & persona targeting

Qualify your account opportunities and contacts with confidence

  • Account-level engagement scoring
  • Third-party account scoring support
  • Persona-based targeting & audience filters
ABM Capabilities C5 Account Scoring

Plug & play ABM integrations

Extend the value of Marketo Engage's ABM capabilities across your existing ABM tech stack and tools. Take advantage of convenient, hand-selected, and Marketo-approved integrations to improve your ABM workflow and build the right recipe for ABM success. 

  • 30+ strategic ABM partners
  • 550+ total LaunchPoint partners
  • Integrated ABM campaign flow actions
  • ABM audience activation
  • Automated custom ABM activities
ABM Capabilities C6 Plug and Play

ABM Strategy Services

Get the ball rolling and develop your strategy with ABM-specific services and consulting. Let us help you ensure the quickest time-to-value by shortening the ABM learning curve via add-on services:

  • Guidance of how Marketo Engage's ABM best practices and capabilities can support your ABM strategy
  • One-day onsite strategy workshop to help assemble your revenue teams
  • Build the right predictive target account lists using AI-powered Account Profiling
ABM Capabilities C7 ABM Services

Account-based Marketing Essentials

The most complete ABM solution, accessible to all marketers regardless of company size or maturity

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ABM Solutions Primary Top Module Monitor

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  • Coordinate effective account-based experiences together as one revenue team

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