Account-based Marketing

Focus on the accounts that matter most using AI

Build target account lists you can trust in seconds using AI

Kick-start your ABM campaign with speed, ease, and confidence. Let easy-to-use artificial intelligence and automated predictive scoring reveal your best-fit accounts in seconds, with a click of a button.

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Get support from sales sooner

Remove the guesswork out of your ABM strategy and start partnering sooner on the same target accounts with sales. Validate your ABM efforts together using AI and millions of data points across the web instead of conflicting gut-feel opinions.

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Stay relevant with account-level personalization

Leverage the insights from your AI-based target account list to segment your account-level audiences by rank, propensity scores, engagement activity, and more. Personalize the messaging based on title, buying stage and best-fit indicators to make sure you're staying as relevant as possible.
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Maintain a seamless cross-channel ABM experience

ABM and AI are only as powerful as your marketing automation. Use your account-level segmentation to power multiple types of automated ABM campaigns across channels including email, web, ads, mobile, events, webinars, and nurture automation, all directly from the same solution!
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Measure and optimize your ABM holistically

Measure your ABM revenue, pipeline, and engagement from the same solution that manages your account database, segmentation and campaign execution. Marketo ABM turns Marketo Engage into your ABM source of truth. Prove and improve results fast enough to stay relevant based on the complete and latest state of each account profile.

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All ABM essentials in one solution

Avoid using multiple, disconnected ABM tools and point solutions to plan, engage and measure all your ABM efforts. Perform Marketo’s lead management functions with an account-based lens including list management, account segmentation, cross-channel campaign automation, pipeline measurement, and account-based revenue analytics all from the same unified solution.

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Execute your ABM in days, not months

The combined power of predictive marketing analytics, proven marketing automation, and simplified artificial intelligence now all exist inside the same solution. Sales and marketing can save time, avoid inefficient workflows and optimize campaigns fast enough to maximize revenue together.

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The Definitive Guide to Account-Based Marketing

This comprehensive, guide includes checklists, worksheets, examples, and advice from over 12 industry thought leaders to help marketers at any level create and implement an effective account-based marketing strategy.

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