Marketo Sales Connect + LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Simplify the sales process, increase your pipeline and close more deals

Business Challenges

The sales cycle is incredibly complex and building pipeline, closing deals and growing accounts has never been more challenging. According to ISTMA, 78% of executives are willing to respond to unsolicited outreach from companies if it contains strategically relevant ideas. The keys to driving higher close rates is alignment between sales and marketing to prioritize leads and deliver tailored messages and experiences from marketing campaigns to sales calls.
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The Solution

Marketo Sales Connect integrated with LinkedIn Sales Navigator allows you to tap in LinkedIn Sales Navigator Insights directly within Marketo. With enhanced contact engagement activity from the LinkedIn Profile updates and connections you can create personalized customer experiences that drive higher close rates by: surfacing insights into shared connections, experiences, and interests to build rapport with contacts and tailor outbound messages, using shared connections to get warm introductions to prospects, and increase contact average by uncovering related Leads within the same account. Please note a LinkedIn Sales Navigator Team or Enterprise license is required.

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Get started with Sales Navigator for Marketo Sales Connect


Get started with Sales Navigator for Marketo Sales Connect

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Enable Linked Sales Navigator

Navigate to Marketo Sales Connect > Settings > Admin Setting > General and enable Linked Sales Navigator as shown below.

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Access Sales Navigator Tab

Once enbabled, all members on your Marketo Sales Connect subscription will see the Sales Navigator tab in the People page where users can connect to their LinkedIn accounts.

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Check the Matches

Once connected, users will see “matches” between their contact in Marketo Sales Connect and a profile in LinkedIn. Users will also be able to use multiple features like Icebreakers, Get Introduced, Related Leads, Saves as Lead, View Profile, and much more.

Sales Navigator Free Trial

LinkedIn Sales Navigator provides enhanced contact engagement activity from LinkedIn Profile updates and connections. With these LinkedIn insights you can create personalized customer experiences proven to drive higher close rates. Get started today by setting up a LinkedIn Sales Navigator account.

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Discover the Power of Marketo Sales Connect

Marketo Sales Connect drives pipeline scale and velocity by aligning sales and marketing efforts with single workflows to automate personalized inbound and outbound engagements, prioritized lists of the highest scored leads and shared insights between sales and marketing to ensure the right marketing message, channel and cadence to support sales goals.

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