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What Is Lead Nurturing

Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing refers to the process of engaging and building relationships with buyers, regardless of their position in the sales funnel.

Marketo's benchmark study found that an average of 50% of all leads are not ready to make a purchase. Lead nurturing establishes conversations with potential buyers throughout the duration of the buying lifecycle, maximizing the potential for revenue for your business.


Here at Marketo nearly 98% of all of the leads that enter our database are not sales ready. This is due in part to our active and wide top-of-funnel. We nurture qualified potential buyers until they are ready to make a decision.

Lead nurturing involves scoring leads as they progress through your system, segmenting your database, creating and scheduling relevant content, and learning to measure ROI. Get The Definitive Guide to Lead Nurturing to discover how to establish a lead nurturing system that engages prospects and drives sales.

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