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Best Practices for Email Subject Lines

Creating Engaging Email Marketing Subject Lines and From Names

The Definitive Guide to Engaging Email Marketing shows B2B marketers how to make sure that their emails are adhering to the five important attributes of engaging email - trust-worthy, relevant, conversational, coordinated across channels, and strategic.

The Guide provides latest research and expert advice on many email topics, such as, subject lines, designing emails for mobile, building email lists and managing them, how to avoid spam filters, integrating email, etc.

The subject line of an email is very important and is the first thing a recipient gets to see. Mostly, they make a snap judgment based on that and decide whether to open, ignore, delete or mark as spam.

It is not necessary for every subject line to be award-worthy. But a carefully planned subject line is important. If you can get a prospect to open your email, it means you're doing a good job. If you can get them to open your email then you arewinning!

Next to subject line, the sender name ("From" name) is a key factor in a prospect's decision to open or delete your email. If he doesn't recognize you or trust you, email will not be opened, and might get marked as spam.

Email engagement requires better email marketing metrics. Top executives do care about the Open Rates and Click-Through Rates. Everyone knows that a compelling subject line or persuasive email copy is only as effective as the revenue it generates. Top management don't just want Opens, they want only verifiable sales.

Emails are the the most widely used and effective way to nurture B2B leads. So, in order for a nurturing program to be successful, your email marketing skills should be top-notch.

Learn from Marketo's practical tips for B2B email marketing success. It is important to focus on each step - content creation, subject lines, titles - attention to detail is vital when creating a dialog with email recipients.

For more information on email marketing best practices, check out B2B Email Marketing 101: 7 Best Practices.

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