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Website Lead Generation

Collect Valuable Visitor Information

Website lead generation is probably your most important marketing process. The site is your calling card and your face to world. Customers research their purchases online long before your sales team can reach them. Where traditional website analytics tools, such as Google Analytics, focus on the averages and traffic patterns, Marketo takes a completely different approach to website lead generation.

Marketo monitors every single visitor to your website and gives you deep information that's valuable to both marketing and sales. You can instantly collect:

Marketo also integrates website lead generation with content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress and Drupal to seamlessly track information for pages on your existing website and pass through lead data captured in forms.

The information for website lead generation is stored for both known and anonymous visitors and is updated with contact information once a visitor engages. This is critical for tasks such as lead scoring, which is one of the most successful marketing techniques of the last decade. With Marketo website lead generation monitoring, you can change a lead's score based on specific behaviors and help your sales team know which leads to prioritize.

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