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Unique Marketing Ideas

3 Unique Ideas for Lead Generation

It's time to take your lead generation efforts into the 21st century. Today's creative marketers are using a combination of search, social, and email to bring in the sale and it's working.

Consider the following:

1. Landing Page Optimization: Landing pages should be interesting, relevant, and consistent with user expectations.

2. Targeted Email Campaigns: Your email should be reflective of who you're selling to. The old adage to "know your audience" holds true, even with a modern campaign.

3. Social Media: Engage with your customers to bring a human element to your brand.

There are plenty of lead generation options available to marketers. Plot out a strategy to determine which methods best fit with your corporate culture and your customers wants and needs.

Buyers now have the ability to control the flow of information, the buying process has changed from in your face pitching, to conversations centered around a brand.. Choosing unique lead generation strategies will help to create and participate in conversations with your prospects and lift your marketing ROI.

Learn more about generating the right kinds of leads in Marketo's Lead Generation Success Center.

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