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Social Media Strategy Template


Below five fundamentals needed for your social media strategy template:

1) Get stakeholder buy-in.
The executive staff needs to firmly believe in the cause, so much so that they need to evangelize it throughout the organization. Social media participation needs to start top down, so it's important they are on board and ready to participate.

2) Create a social media policy.
Determine how you want employees to participate in social media. At Marketo, we have created a Social Media Policy document which outlines what social networks to utilize, participation frequency, and ground rules. Assuming employees know how to participate, can be risky so it's best to have a comprehensive guide to reduce the number of assumptions. Make it easily accessible to all staff through your company HR sites, wiki, or even create your own social media microsite.

3) Show them how they benefit.
Show teams what's in it for them. Here are some examples to potentially call out:

4) Training, training... and more training.
At Marketo, we have created Social Media Month, which consisted of weekly workshops on social networks, participation parameters, tips on blogging, SEO optimization for LinkedIn, and social media photo day. We have also written a series of blog posts: Go On Get Your Blog On, and Utilizing LinkedIn to Improve SEO and Organic Visibility. By providing a structured format for learning about social networks, employees can be both well-informed and ready to socialize!

5) Appoint an Internal Social Media Lead.
Employees will have questions, and you want to make sure that they have a point of contact who can answer them. By assigning an individual as the spokesperson, you will be able to promote and monitor employee participation. That individual will be the lead in developing additional training, curation of content and social media events.

Now that you're ready to create a new social media strategy template, how about creating a FULL Social Media Strategy?

Check out our 2012 Social Media Template to get additional tips and guidance on how to create your complete social media plan.

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