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Social Media Background Checks

15 Social Media Blogs Worth Reading

What is your go-to-source for B2B marketing information? Try starting with the definitive guide to social media.

But social media moves fast and to stay at the edge, you need to follow the top minds in the industry.

To get up-to-date information on social media and relevant B2B marketing best practices, check out the list below for social media blogs worth reading.


Looking for powerful and insightful content from a proven leader in the social media realm? Look no further than this blog by Chris Brogan. A published author, speaker and social media thought leader, Chris has over 11 years of experience helping business build relationships with customers through social media and other technologies.


Known for his sharp wit, brutal honesty and clever insights, Jason Falls brings his unique voice to his blog. If you're looking for valuable content on social media, public relations and marketing, check out what Social Media Explorer has to offer


Are you using Twitter, but not sure how to use it effectively for B2B social media? No problem. Twitip is a blog all about using Twitter to build your business, build relationships along with other things, such as what and what not to do on Twitter. Run by Darren Rowse, Twitip is a resource you shouldn't pass up.


Getting bombarded with all the chatter about what and what blogging is and how to go about it? Check out Daily Blog Tips for fresh and easily digestible content on the world of blogging.


Knowing what's happening in social media and technology today is important and this blog brings it all to you. Founded by Richard MacMaus, ReadWriteWeb is read by millions as well as syndicated by the New York Times.


Are you looking for a blog with resources from the different leaders in the industry? Look no further than Social Media Examiner. Founded by Michael Stelzner, this blog gives you different insights from some of the biggest stars in the world of social media. With so much information, why would you not want to subscribe?


Looking for a resource for social media, but want to add your two cents as well? Social Media Today is a blog of information not only from industry leaders, but also from others including some others you might not have heard of yet.


Leverage 20 years of experience from though leaders in marketing communications, brand advocacy and social media in Conversation Agent blog. Authored by brand strategist Valeria Maltoni, she offers a strong viewpoint and gives readers her input on connecting people and ideas.


Jay Baer is the creative mind behind the Convince and Convert blog. His blog is a hype-free resource that gives you real-world tested strategies on using the power of the social web for business. Along with his blog, Jay also is a published author, speaker and host of a series of Twitter interviews.


Recognized as one of the most conclusive and respected social media news web blogs, Mashable uncovers and publishes some of the most popular stories on social and technology. Established by Pete Cashmore, the social news powerhouse has over 30 million page views each month.


Poised to become the chief discussion and news blog on B2B social media, Social Media B2B is a go-to resource for anyone searching for content related to the effect of social media on B2B companies.


B2B Bloggers is an online blog that's all about getting B2B marketers the information they need to do their jobs successfully. Want to know how B2B blogging will impact your marketing strategy? Then this is the right site for you.


Going viral on the Internet is the term used when a content piece becomes vastly popular in a short period of time. This blog offers updates on viral campaigns and insights on how they help with strategic planning for B2B marketing.


Another great blog to read is Scott Monty – he is the head of social media for the Ford Motor Company. In his blog, Scott shares his insights on social media, public relations and how they intersect on the digital landscape.


Coined as a social media scientist, this blog by Dan Zarella provides social media insights from a technology point-of-view. With a background in programming and development, Dan's contributions to social media include his link attractions Report and others.

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