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Small Business Advertising

Marketo Introduces New Solution to Spark Growth for Small Businesses

Recently, Marketo, one of the top companies providing Revenue Performance Management (RPM) solutions, has launched Spark by Marketo. The new launch is a unique marketing automation solution that can be tailored to small business' needs. Small businesses are one of the fastest-growing and largest segments in today's economy.

Some key features of Spark are:

Small businesses have the potential to grow quickly and become mid-size businesses with expansive needs. Businesses using Spark can avail Marketo's professional or enterprise products at anytime, without loosing or interrupting running marketing campaigns.

Spark is built on the same technology that powers Marketo's award-winning solutions that were built for larger enterprises. These marketing solutions are being used to drive business growth by more than 1,300 customers across the world. Spark is a unbeatable combination of expert training, mentoring, and support services built and priced for small businesses, enabling them to build a larger customer base and grow faster.

To learn more see the Spark by Marketo Video Overview.

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