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Sales And Lead Generation

Buyer Behavior Forces Lead Generation Changes

If your business, like many others, is struggling to stay ahead of changing buyer personas and generate qualified, sales-ready leads, Marketo can show you how to:

  • Use dynamic landing pages to convert online traffic into leads
  • Use automated lead scoring to measure maturing lead quality, based on multiple dimensions
  • Use personalized lead nurturing campaigns to develop raw inquiries into sales-ready leads

Widespread access to readily available information has created a dramatic shift in purchasing dynamics. Nowadays, buyers utilize the Internet, search engines, and social media to diligently research potential purchases long before ever engaging sales staff. This has lead to a more self-aware buyer and lead-generation strategies must keep pace.

Marketo can help you automatically qualify more prospects as part of your sales and lead generation process, and quickly develop them into sales-ready leads. Access our Lead Generation Success Center.

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