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How to Select a Marketing Automation Company

Enterasys needed an agile cloud solution that could hit the ground running to increase high quality sales leads, help expand the company's reach across important target verticals and territories, and offer real-time ROI. The company also was seeking a marketing automation provider that delivers new and useful features on a frequent basis, as well as peerless service and support. Enterasys decided Marketo's comprehensive revenue performance management approach fit best across plans for both expanded marketing and sales efforts.

Marketo has been designed to complement your existing CRM platforms. It increases the company revenue by 40 percent by developing a transparent relationship between your marketing and sales teams. Using Marketo, you can deploy, track and manage all your demand generation efforts, pass only the hottest leads to sales, and close the right deals - faster. Marketo's revenue analytics provides an instant view of the revenue cycle to report marketing ROI, make real-time changes based on marketing performance, and increase revenue growth.

Marketo's offers proven technology, excellent and comprehensive services coupled with expert guidance to help enterprise and mid-market companies to empower marketing to become a business-building revenue driver.

Marketing automation is a leading technology that streamlines and automates marketing work flows for companies to increase their operational efficiencies and drive revenue generation.

To learn more, see Marketo's Marketing Automation page.

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