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Product Marketing Strategy

Use Social Media to Drive Product Strategies

Only Marketo offers truly integrated social marketing that supports every aspect of your marketing, including your product marketing strategy. With Marketo Social Marketing, you can find new prospects based on social activity and share that social activity with your sales team. In addition you'll have many opportunities to receive feedback about products (both yours and your competitors') that can influence your product marketing strategy.

Social Applications

Enhance user interaction with your brand using engaging social apps and promotions, including video sharing, reviews, polls, sweepstakes, referrals and more.

Social Analytics

Get insight into the performance of your social initiatives through out-of-the-box dashboards and metrics, such as social reach, impressions, and lift, so you can optimize campaigns over time for greater ROI.

Integrated Social Marketing

Easily incorporate social into all of your campaigns for enhanced segmentation, nurturing, and scoring - enabling you to drive more sales.

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