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So many companies invest a great deal in online lead generation and lead nurturing activities, and then completely drop the ball because there's no mechanism to differentiate where prospects are in the sales cycle. While follow-up is crucial, the how and when are even more so.

The best marketing programs have intentional measurement strategies planned in advance. As part of the planning process ask yourself these questions: What will you measure? When will you measure? How will you measure? The answers to these questions will determine what you should do for your leads, and when.

Lead nurturing effectively increases the lead-to-opportunity conversion rate, driving greater revenue and shrinking the sales cycle. Locating the right buyer at the right time is paramount. Lead generation pulls buyers into the sales pipeline, lead nurturing and scoring, however, merges the right buyers with the sales team so that deals can close at the right moment.

To learn more about lead generation, see Marketo's Lead Generation Success Center.

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