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New Business Lead Generation

Inbound is the Key

Marketers can no longer rely on dated outbound marketing tactics such as tradeshows, cold calling or even print ads to generate new business leads. Informed buyers are taking their role in the buying process to new heights by educating themselves on the products and services that they have an interest in. In fact, this is often done long before your sales team even realizes they are ‘looking to make a purchase.’ In a world where information is readily available, your objective as a lead generation expert is not only to find leads – it is also to find ways to make yourself found!

At it’s very core, inbound marketing exudes creative, interesting, informative and engaging content. This content must then be optimizes across many different online channels so that it can be readily found by potential consumers early on. Outbound marketing is quickly becoming a thing of the past, meaning the inbound marketing must take a more prominent role in your marketing matrix.

Marketo’s innovative and easy-to-use applications allow you to take your inbound marketing to new levels.

Inbound marketing is the most relevant and effective strategy for new business lead generation. Marketo marketing software puts that power in your hands.

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