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Marketing Through Social Media

Where To Start and What To Do

Marketo joined up with ColumnFive and developed an infographic to highlight the relative key findings from their research on marketing via social media. Topics includes: what social media marketers will be focused on in the future, the primary benefits of social media, and the most harnessed social media tools.

According to the findings, here are the top 4 benefits of social media marketing:

1. Social media can increase your awareness. Social media marketing permits you to publish your company's best practices and expertise without the need to bypass gatekeepers such as editors and traditional media. In social media, the gatekeepers are your peers, and the quality of your content and relevance of your ideas determine what gets promoted. Superior content can be distributed readily and quickly and when prospective buyers read your online content they are also learning more about your company and how you can solve their problems.

2. Social media can help establish your brand as a thought leader. Consumers have been proven to place their trust in chief innovators who demonstrate they understand buyer problems and have a proven solution.

3. Social media can encourage promoters. WOM or Word of Mouth, is the best way to generate leads, since buyers are more likely to trust referrals that come from their peers.

4. Marketing through social media can build your SEO ranking. Buyers have been known to place greater trust in businesses with the prime rankings on Google search. Irrespective of whether or not they understand the mechanics of ranking, buyers trust the knowledge of the community is at play in calculating the top rankings. Because inbound links are the gate-keepers of ranking, social media can play a crucial step in developing your search ranks, both as a source of links via the content on your blog, etc., as well as a way to promote your online content and encourage other inbound links.

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