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Marketing Strategy Examples

Marketing Automation Optimization Strategies

Are you getting the most out of your Marketing Automation campaign? Truly optimizing what it can do for your business can benefit your company in ways beyond email.

The development and launch of a carefully organized webinar is a prime example of where Marketing Automation far surpasses even the most strategic email marketing campaign. Offering a webinar can net you a ton of quality leads, and has very measurable results.

During the period August 17 to October 5, 2011, the Gatepoint Research group invited as many as 1,026 marketing executives for a survey named Marketing Automation Optimization Strategies. Candidates were sent email invites to participate in this survey and, to date, 100 executives have participated. Some of the key findings are:

Today, the market for Marketing Automation remains at 73%. Many of the of respondents surveyed are yet to incorporate it into their marketing matrix.

On average, survey respondents feel that it is the most critical to accelerate the process of identifying quality leads.

Half of respondents actually measure how marketing impacts revenue.

These are just some examples of areas where Marketing Automation helps increase the productivity of the entire marketing department, in addition to revolutionizing and improving the outcome of email campaigns.

Still unsure about whether or not the adoption of Marketing Automation is right for your business? Here are 9 important signs that its time to make the switch.

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