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Marketing Strategy Definition

The Definitive Guide to Social Marketing

Today, social media is more than just a channel or tactic; it is an imperative that should be present in every marketing strategy. Marketo's Definitive Guide to Social Marketing explains how marketers can unlock the peer-to-peer communications and recommendations that are inherent in social media to amplify the impact of every campaign. This guide is an all-purpose, go-to handbook that offers actionable strategies for all marketers intent on creating a marketing strategy definition.

Historically, marketers have viewed social marketing primarily as listening to consumers, replying to queries, and publishing important updates. And, while those are all important components of online consumer engagement, today's marketer also needs to incorporate social media into every marketing strategy. The real marketing value of the social media explosion isn't about updating business feeds; it's about converting fans and clientele into an army of powerful brand advocates.

Our Definitive Guide to Social Marketing will teach you how to develop a strong marketing strategy to amplify impact, drive buyer engagement, generate new business and increase revenue. Download our helpful guide and learn how to:

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