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Marketing Plan Template

Sample Marketing Automation RFP Template

Everyone wants to include social media in their marketing plan, but how do you know if you are doing it right? The Social Media Tactical Plan Template helps you to create a personalized and customized plan that is tailored for your key business objectives.

Whether you're a social media participant or just starting to use it, you need a strong social media strategy to give a boost to your lead generation efforts and offer you the results your business needs. The updated Social Media Tactical Plan Template helps you get there. This template offers all the speaker notes to enable you to correctly articulate your vision. It is a must-have for any B2B marketer who is ready to present marketing automation plans to the C-Suite!

If you're looking to incorporate social media marketing into your B2B marketing plan, the social media tactical plan can help to:

Download Marketo's Social Media Tactical Plan Template and start using the social media strategies at your organization today!

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