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Learn Social Media Marketing

Marketing 2.0: Bridging the Gap between Seller and Buyer through Social Media Marketing

Too many marketers use social media as just another channel for distributing content and collecting feedback from the marketplace. To maximize the success of social marketing, however, today's marketers need to be adept at integrating those channels into their existing marketing programs and strategies.

The true power of social media goes way beyond conventional marketing. Social media marketing actually represents a significant shift in the balance of power away from institutions and towards individuals. The public at large now has the power to create, share, learn, collaborate, and solve problems, without relying as much on institutions to get things done.

You need to learn social media marketing. It's not a toy or an informal pastime. It's a formal discipline that requires the same treatment as any other inbound or outbound marketing channel.

The Definitive Guide to Social Marketing demonstrates how to learn social media marketing. You'll become aware of a multitude of opportunities to amplify the impact of your marketing activities, engage buyers in a sustained manner, and drive significant incremental revenue through increased sales. Download our guide and learn how to:

Download the guide today, learn social media marketing, and watch your social media investment payback soar!

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