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Lead Nurturing And Scoring

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Modern lead nurturing depends on a reliable lead scoring system. Tracking your prospects' data, behaviors, and web activity can help you determine their level of interest in the solution you offer, as well as in your interest in them (demographics targeting).

To develop an effective lead scoring strategy it is essential for both the sales and marketing teams to collaboratively determine what scores should be assigned to each action or characteristic. This can be based on business priorities and / or buyer readiness.

There are four dimensions of lead scoring:

  1. Lead Fit—Basic data that helps determine if the prospect fits your buyer profile
  2. Lead Interest—Behavioral insights that tell you if the lead is interested in your brand
  3. Lead Behavior—More detailed measurements that indicate where a lead is on his buying journey
  4. Buying Stage & Timing—Indicators that help the sales team make the right offer at the right time to close a sale

Learn more about scoring each of the four dimensions, and discover how to push success across your company's marketing and sales offices in The Definitive Guide to Lead Nurturing. Designed for both novice and experienced practitioners, this ebook offers real-world advice, proven best practices, and expert techniques to guide you in getting the most out of every lead in your database.

Whether you're a lead scoring expert or novice, these tactics and tips will transform your practices.

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