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Social Media Platforms Are The Answer

Few things play as much of a compelling role in inbound lead generation like strong, risk mitigating brands. This is where Social Media Marketing for Business-to-Business (B2B) delivers the strongest advantages.

Here are the most significant ways the social media builds brands.

A. Social media creates a strong public image. When used correctly, social media allows you to publish your business’s best practices and greatest service offerings and results in increased exposure – all-the-while removing the need to go through gatekeepers such as editors or other media outlets.

B. Social Media helps to strengthen your reputation as a ‘thought leader’. This is of utmost importance when it comes to establishing a brand that people trust. Buyers believe in thought leaders who can prove that they not only understand their problems, but more importantly know how to solve them.

C. Social media encourages word of mouth (WOM) advertising. Word of mouth is the single most effective method of lead generation. Buyers trust their peers and their experiences. This is where a lead generation site shines: links shared directly from trusted friends or colleagues.

D. Social media WILL improve SEO. Buyers trust companies with top Google Search Engine rankings. Whether or not they know the mechanics of ranking, buyers understand that top rankings are determined by the collective wisdom of the crowd.

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