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Lead Generation Real Estate

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The Pedowitz Group combines Web 2.0 tech and various time-tested strategies to help customers execute lead generation programs efficiently, in order to see sustainable growth in revenue. Combined with Marketo's on-demand model, The Pedowitz Group can offer a full suite of lead generation services that create measurable returns and quick ROI.

In the past, lead generation has been all about instant gratification. As a clear example, the 2009 Lead Generation Metrics Report published last month by sales the strategy consulting company's The Bridge Group found that only 17% of leads convert to qualified opportunities

This paper shows ways that different companies calculate and achieve REAL ROI from lead nurturing, including:

Also learn the four phases of lead nurturing, which will help you build a nurturing program that achieves optimum results.

To learn more, download Calculating the REAL ROI of Lead Nurturing.

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