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Lead Generation Process

5-Step Process for Successful Lead Management

A lead generation process describes the act of capturing and engaging interest in a specific product or service, with the overall goal of developing a sales funnel.

To boost a lead generation process and optimize the quality and quantity of leads you generate, follow these five steps:

1. Capture A lead generation process begins with a prospect's initial engagement with the business. And, can include connection with your blog, downloading white papers or a discussion on a social networking site. Regardless of the platform, it's essential to capture that transaction for consideration and future nurturing.

2. Nurture Leads that are not ready for a hand-off to sales need to go into the nurturing bucket, a critical part of the lead generation process. As a fair amount of these leads are often in the research phase, emails, offers and targeted content should help that process rather than focus on overt selling.

3. Score Lead quality is just as important as quantity. Lead scoring can be a valuable way to segment potential leads into various funnels based on lead quality, size, demographic, etc. Overall, leads are scored based on factors such as: demographics, source data and behavior. Leads with a sales-ready score are handed off to sales for further follow-up.

4. Giving a lead to the sales team is not a simple hand-off. For effective delivery, include as much information about the prospect as possible to help the sales team land the sale.

Information to share with the sales team can include: what type of marketing activities has the prospect responded to best and which product are they are likely to purchase based on previous responses.

5. Evaluate To maintain a successful lead generation process, evaluate leads carefully with the sales team to refine your scoring algorithms. Continual adjustment means you can alter your initiatives based on the requirements of immediate business conditions.

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