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Lead Generation Marketing

Understanding Lead Generation

Lead generation marketing describes the process of capturing and simulating interest in a service or product for purposes of developing a sales pipeline. It often utilizes online channels and has been undergoing substantial changes in recent years. In particular, the abundance of information easily receivable online has created a rise of the "self-directed buyer" along with the emergence of new avenues to qualify leads before sending them to sales.

The buying process has changed, and marketers need to find new ways to be heard among the increasing noise. Instead of locating customers with mass marketing and email blasts, marketers must focus on being found and using lead generation marketing to build continuous relationships with buyers.

Today's buyer often does his or her own research online and find useful resources through online social networks, search engines, and other online channels. Through these resources, today's buyers can learn a lot about a service or product before ever even having to speak to a sales person. Businesses must make sure that they build a compelling digital presence.

According to Forrester, buyers might be anywhere from 66% to 90% of the way through their buying adventure before even reaching the prospective vendor. Creating a solid lead generation strategy will greatly assist in establishing trust and capturing the attention of your buyer before they are ready to contact sales.

In addition, you don't want your sales teams spending resources going through a list and cold calling. If you can generate leads for sales, the process is smoother and will yield more converted leads to revenue faster.

The B2B Lead Generation Marketing Trends survey by IDG reports the company website, trade shows, conferences, and email marketing are the most results-driven lead generation tactics used presently. The least advantageous are reported to be print advertising and direct mail.

Increase effectiveness across each business function by generating more qualified leads, enhancing sales pipelines, and improving alignment between sales and marketing by leveraging lead generation software.

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