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Lead Generation Ideas

3 Unique Ideas for Lead Generation

At the heart of all marketing is lead generation. Gone are the days when sales teams relied solely on their own efforts, like cold calling, to drum up leads.

If you lead generation ideas to take your marketing efforts to the new levels but aren't sure which direction to go, try incorporating these 3 unique lead generation ideas:

1. Landing Page Optimization

A few years ago, about one-third of Americans were shopping online. Now, nearly two-thirds are doing so. The number of people visiting social-networking sites continually increases. Because people are increasingly surfing, sharing and shopping online, you need optimize your landing pages.

Landing page optimization isn't a new idea, but here are two key ways to evolve your landing page strategy:

If you use landing page software, incorporate these suggestions as you refine landing pages:

2. Targeted Email Campaigns

Marketing automation allows marketers to create better content and follow resulting prospect behavior better than ever before. For example, sales people can now be notified immediately whenever a prospect opens an email. Measurement of responses and click-through rates can cut down on messages that disappear before customers see them (due to spam filters or deliverability problems). In addition, the easy-to-use nature of campaign creation makes it easier to segment lists and use A/B testing to evaluate subject lines and landing pages.

3. Social Media

Using social media is several lead generation ideas that tap into the new culture of buyer behavior. Targeting social media calls for careful content management while understanding differences between Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. That said, social channels are a great place to test new or creative messaging. The process of testing content on a company website comes with development and approval cycles which often slows or stops the test.

Consider social media channels a place to test. Ask questions of your audiences to find out what they are interested in, what benefits are most important to them or in general what they react to most often. Leverage what you learn to create call-outs on your website which will appeal to the target audience, because you now know more about what makes them tick.

Because today's buyers have as much control over the flow of information as salespeople, the buying process has changed from a one-way presentation to a conversation between equal parties. Using one of these lead generation ideas will help you create and engage in conversations with your audience, and lift your marketing ROI.

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