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Lead Generation Business Plan

Buying Behavior Changes Everything

The buying process has changed, and a marketer who is charged with creating a lead generation business plan needs to find new ways to locate buyers and get heard through the chatter. A marketer has to now focus on being found by customers and building continuous relationships with buyers rather than trying to find customers with mass advertising campaigns and email blasts.

The marketplace evolution is illustrated in the following diagram.

transformation of marketing

This has transformed how a business creates a lead generation business plan. Buyers are now overwhelmed with advertising noise and they are getting better at filtering out the messages that they don't want to hear and independently researching on what they want to learn.

The buying process has changed drastically in the past few years. Buyers progress anywhere between two-thirds to 90% of their buying process before they even reach the vendor. Buyers have access to a plethora of information available online that they become experts themselves before speaking to sales personnel.

Creating a solid lead generation business plan will help you capture the interest if your buyer and build trust before they are even ready to speak to sales.

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