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Lead Generation B2B

Why Using Social Media for Leads is Important

Strong, low-risk brands play an integral role in inbound lead generation for the B2B sector. This is where B2B social media marketing offers the biggest benefit. Not only does it allow companies of all sizes and verticals the ability to generate high quality and tangible leads it also proves invaluable in developing strong brands.

Here are the four most advantageous ways that social media helps to increase brand awareness.

1. Social media can increase your awareness.

2. Social media can build your reputation as a thought leader.

3. Social media can encourage promoters.

4. Social media can build your SEO ranking.

For marketers, the takeaway is obvious: utilize a portion of the budget that you would typically reserve for things like trade shows, listings or other lower-performing demand generation investments and invest it in the generation of great content and promotion efforts. By making your company’s capabilities known, you strengthen your brand recognition and open the door to high quality inbound B2B leads.

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