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Making Sense of Your Marketing Automation Solution

When a brand seeks to use the powers of a marketing automation solution, it's always easy to be expecting dramatic results immediately. With marketing automation, you can see an exponential increase in email click-throughs, new registrations for your webinars, and more number of leads generated. But it is important for sales and marketing professionals in internet marketing companies to remember that to maximize their investment in marketing automation, thoughtful implementation of the solution is required.

Here are three pointers to unlock the full potential of your marketing automation solution for Internet marketing.


It is usually tempting to make a quick switch from old email systems to new marketing automation platforms. However, it's best to adopt an incremental approach. It is true that maintaining old systems during transition to marketing automation can be time consuming. But, this helps to learn the new solution thoroughly.

Internet marketing companies rarely benchmark enough and often abandon their old platform. But you need to know how and where you started, so find out the metrics before doing away with the old one.

If you can get these number, you can have something to work with. Else, create the process to capture them in the new process.

When transitioning your marketing campaigns, start with simple and easily measurable improvements. Create only two or three messages for a few target segments. Switch elements like landing pages, or test out new enhancements for a lead nurturing campaign. By doing so, you will surely understand your customers.

Once you're ready to move, completing the more challenging jobs will start to show the benefits of marketing automation. Always start with smaller efforts in the marketing department - the lead lifecycle development or the process improvement. Once you're confident, work with complex features such as lead scoring, nurture programs, and revenue analysis. Then, you can introduce them to other departments.


For Internet marketing companies, one of the most important steps in successful implementation is a commitment to train your team. It's not just marketers - it can be used by everyone from C-suite to sales teams to understand Marketo and its potential.

Take advantage of the implementation services provided by the consultants who are well versed in the platform, and customize it to your business. Use the customer support agreements mentioned in your contract.

Beyond the webinars and coaching sessions, check if the chosen marketing solution has a community. Other users can be of great help during deployment. Use the services of a consultant who specializes in helping Internet marketing companies get the most from their investment. They can offer good practices and insights to improve ROI from the marketing automation decision.


Even when you start seeing the results, you're still not finished strategizing. You need to evaluate the processes to ensure they're giving the desired results. It is important to identify where you can optimize your solution. For a sample test, check your lead scoring model. Check what changes increase your close rate.

When making these changes, follow a complete plan to generate accurate metrics that will guide future investment and training. Check if you are meeting your initial milestones? Try to replicate strategies that worked, and leave out the rest. Perform a cross-department assessment to get a full view of the results.

Use a thoughtful and strategic approach to deliver reliable results while eliminating the potentially expensive mistakes you may make. Marketing automation is a powerful tool, but you must remember to be very patient and realistic in expectations.

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