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Innovative Lead Generation

3 Demand Generation Techniques

Innovative lead generate is about finding the right prospects, nurturing qualified leads to engage with sales, helping marketing and sales combine their efforts, and monitoring the results. In theory, an innovative lead generation strategy is actually about a series of actions, not a single dramatic event.

This strategy to lead generation is universal, however, the tactics and techniques can vary. An innovative lead generation strategy will be creative, to ensure that prospects don't abandon the revenue cycle too early. With this in mind, here are three techniques you're probably not using, but should if you want to keep your efforts efficient and buyer-centric.

1. Content marketing promotes your products and services before a prospect is ready to talk to sales. Thanks to the web, prospects can research their interests immediately, which gives you the opportunity to avoid premature engagement with sales. B2B buyers have changed, and marketers need innovate lead generation techniques to reach them.

2. Demand centers are hubs of shared marketing services, processes, and ideas. These centers allow companies to promote innovate lead generation programs by leveraging key corporate assets and best practices. It is a center-of-excellence model that provides council, assembly, and execution resources.

3. Marketing automation software brings together everything a company needs in order to manage innovative lead generation campaigns. About 75% of organizations that have implemented marketing automation software are not using it to the fullest extent (Source: SiriusDecisions). Fully utilizing marketing automation allows you to generate, nurture, and qualify more high-quality leads with less effort. You can automate and measure all aspects of innovative lead generation campaigns with Marketo's Marketing automation software, from lead nurturing to lead scoring.

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