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How To Generate Leads

Bridging the gap between leads and sales

As an online marketer, do you find yourself regularly losing leads between the launch of B2B marketing strategies and actual sales engagement?

Modern marketing tools, whether they be social media platforms, blogs, organic search or even targeted marketing campaigns, if done correctly will result in prospects engaging with your company much sooner in the buying cycle.

If you have correctly leveraged this dynamic shift in lead generation you will:

Today, buyers use Internet search and social media for their buying. Companies can identify prospective customers earlier in the buying cycle and are finding new ways to bridge the gap between lead generation and sales-ready. Marketo's lead generation software enables marketers to:

With so many options to generate leads, B2B marketers need to find out which best fits their unique needs and their corporate culture.

Access all the top lead generation resources in the Lead Generation Success Center to start increasing the number of qualified leads that you pass on to Sales.

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