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Health Insurance Leads

Christiana Care Health System Case Study

Marketo makes B2B marketing easier. The award-winning demand generation tools and solutions for services such as email marketing, lead nurturing/scoring, and closed-loop reporting enable health care industry marketers and sales teams to generate and qualify leads, shorten the sales cycles, and demonstrate high marketing accountability.

With more than160 enterprise and mid-market customers in verticals such as technology, health care, financial services, life science, telecom, publishing, and insurance Marketo is today emerging as the fastest growing company in solutions to generate health insurance leads.

One health care industry customer was particularly adept at applying Marketo's capabilities to their needs.

Christiana Care Health System (Headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware), is one of the top health care providers. It is ranked 16th in the U.S. for hospital admissions, and is the leading private employer in Delaware. The company has received very positive patient reviews but there was no recognition in the marketplace and was facing constant threats from competitors.

They required a marketing automation solution to improve their market share and remain profitable. The systems required to generate more health insurance leads and promote their brand, while simultaneously, lowering their acquisition and operating cost/patient.

Marketo's on-demand model, its easy integration, ease-of-use, and the affordability has put it at the top priority for Christiana Care. The health care provider was able to fund the purchase of Marketo's RPM solution by bringing down expenses on direct mail and print advertising.

Beside the costs savings, there are three other factors. First, the marketing team immediately found it easy to use Marketo. Secondly, they realized that Marketo's Design Studio capabilities reduced their workload burden for web designers because web landing pages and email campaigns can be generated without coding skills. Lastly, the team learned how to use Marketo for A/B testing of their content to determine which campaigns met their lead generation goals.

With Marketo, Christiana Care has saved significantly on advertising dollars, thereby lowering the costs related to generating health insurance leads and acquiring patients. In fact, they have reported that for every $1 spent on advertising, it is now seeing a $30 gross margin, which equates to a 3,000% ROI.

Marketo has also enabled the company to expand the brand and efficiently run personalized targeted email lead generation campaigns. Further, Marketo has aided the deployment of many preventative nurture campaigns, that have reduced the number of emergency patient visits. So, health care costs per patient have been brought down while preventative care revenues have gone up.

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