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Future Of Social Media Marketing

How B2B Marketers Are Scoring Big with Social Media

The fourth annual Social Media Marketing Industry Report results have just been announced. Conducted by Social Media Examiner to understand the future of social media marketing, the survey questioned with more than 3,800 marketers on how much time they invest in social media, where they focus their activities, and what are the rewards. The results show that B2B teams have been seeing tremendous results with social media marketing, even beating their B2C counterparts.

Marketo partnered with ColumnFive and created the following infographic to display the future of social media marketing. The key findings in the report show what social networks marketers will focus in the future, what are the benefits of social media marketing , the widely used social media tool, and more.

Which survey result surprised you the most? How would you compare yourself as a B2B marketer? For a complete and exhaustive guide of B2B Social Media Marketing, download this Definitive Guide to B2B Social Media .

The future of social media marketing is very bright as illustrated by results of even more surveys:

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