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Marketo Email Marketing

Email promotions are a very effective and affordable aspect of a successful marketing plan. However, not all emails are created equal. In an age when inboxes are overfull and messaging can become trite, Marketo has developed a platform that will make sure your emails land in front of your desired target audience, engaging in a response and beginning a lifelong, brand loyal partnership.

There needs to be a specific strategy for email marketing success. Marketo is the easiest way to set up a successful series of branded content, including:

Your marketing team can easily create an original email, or use existing templates to develop visually appealing personalized emails. Our Smart Lists are incredibly powerful, with the ability to use filters incorporating demographic and behavioral information. Relating on a personal level with target markets is one of the most difficult aspects of email promotions. Watch our short demo and learn how Marketo can help you develop the perfect email marketing strategy to meet all of your marketing goals. 

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