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Education Lead Generation

Educating Clients on Quality Leads

Looking to increase your knowledge of lead generation? Look no further!

Lead generation encompasses various marketing processes that stimulate and capture interest in a service or product for building a strong sales pipeline.

Digital channels are the most efficient source for lead generation. There have been sweeping changes in lead generation methods due to the rise of newer online and social techniques. Buyers are now independently researching products and services through online sources, taking on the education process of a product themselves, even before they speak to a sales representative. New techniques have emerged for developing and qualifying potential leads before sales comes into picture.

Adapting to changing buying patterns, current marketers have to find new ways to reach potential buyers and be heard through all of the media noise. They have to focus on being found and begin to build loyal relationships with buyers, rather than trying to identifying potential buyers through mass advertising and generic email blasts.

The buying process has been transformed. Today's buyer is overwhelmed with all the chatter and is getting better at filtering messages that they don't want, Buyers are researching independently about products and services using the plethora of online resources.

What does this mean to people who need education on lead generation?

In the old world, lead generation consisted of marketing identifying potential buyers and passing the names to sales. Sales expected to speak to early stage buyers who may not even be qualified yet and buyers expected to speak with sales.

Today, buyers have access to online sources and can conduct their own research using search engines, social media, and various other online channels. Buyers are well informed about the product or service much before they interact with sales personnel. This calls for establishing a strong digital presence for effective lead generation.

Changes in the buying patterns have increased the complexity of education for led generation. According to a Forrester report, buyers have access to so much of online information that they are anywhere between two-thirds to 905 of their buying journey before even meeting sales.

A solid generation strategy will not only help you in captivating the buyer but also build trust, before they contact sales. Businesses must incorporate the new paradigm by aligning education for lead generation to changing buying patterns.

What are the most useful lead generation tactics? IDG reports that the company website, trade shows and conferences, and email marketing are the most sucessful lead generation strategies being used today. Direct mail and print advertising are ranked as the least effective strategies in lead generation.  Read the Definitive Guide to Lead Generation, TODAY, to learn more!

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