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Direct Response Marketing

DNA Response Uses Marketo to Support Direct Response Marketing

Many Marketo customers benefit from features that support direct response marketing. The following is a case study that illustrates how Marketo can be used.

DNA Response is an innovative, ready-to-use solution designed for consumer product manufacturers that sell, market, and distribute directly to consumers through a number of online channels.

The direct response marketing service permits clients to have dashboard visibility into processing, advertising, payment, and fulfillment of orders through all types of online channels. The business model for these services is the pay for performance type. The direct response marketing tools, therefore, must be exceptional.

Earlier, DNA Response used a ready-to-use email tool that was not supported by engineering and lacked the ability to integrate with customer databases. DNA required an automated marketing platform that was intuitive, scalable, and and advanced API for B2C and B2B lines of business.

DNA Response chose Marketo, mainly because of its unmatched scalability. DNA's integration of Marketo to customer databases and Salesforce.com was flawless and showed tremendous ROI in terms of saving time and effort.

DNA has also used Marketo's API to integrate with customer databases for conducting direct to consumer marketing. Using Marketo, DNA was able to send email reminders to clients for replenishing their products after a prescribed interval.

With Marketo in place, DNA was able to drive direct response marketing revenue effectively and creatively. They are able to consistently focus on what works best for their B2C and B2B marketing initiatives. The marketing team is able to watch deliverability rates and experiment with various combinations of content, storing data on A/B testing. Marketo's flexible and scalable solutions for direct response marketing helps boost client revenue.

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