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Direct Response Copywriting

DNA Response

Direct response copywriting is extraordinarily important for direct response marketing. The correct choice of work can make the difference between a huge success at driving more conversions and ho-hum levels of response. The objective is always to prompt some action and/or decision at the moment someone reads the text.

Businesses that engage in direct response advertising rely on a robust marketing automation platform to ensure that the resources and efforts spent on direct response copywriting are not wasted. One Marketo customer in particular exemplifies this point.

DNA Response is a new turnkey solution built for consumer product manufacturers to help them to sell and distribute directly to consumers through multiple online channels such as direct response TV, home shopping networks, online marketplaces, custom e-stores, deal sites, and social marketing.

It allows clients to have easy visibility into advertising, processing, payment, and orders through all the online channels. Their business model is - pay for performance. This means that if they don't get paid if they don't sell anything. They must also provide exceptional marketing tools to clients. Earlier, DNA Response used an email tool for which there was no engineering or integration support. DNA was in need of an automated marketing solution that was intuitive, scalable, and offered advanced API for both B2B and B2C business.

With Marketo, DNA Response drives revenue generation creatively and effectively. Their marketing team is awed by the immediate results from direct consumer campaigns. They monitor deliverability rates and experiment with different variations of content assets, and store A/B testing data for future purposes. They have created goodwill among clients by creating valuable customer databases and sharing it with them.

The promotional offers with the Marketo Mining Page helped DNA Response to capture personal information, with email open rates at 25% - 30%, and click-through rates at 15%. Eventually, they've been able to leverage the use of Marketo's API to increase their client revenues. DNA Response is highly pleased with the ROI generation and know that Marketo can support whatever new application they can invent.

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