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Direct Response Advertising Costs

DNA Response

Are you shopping for Marketing Automation platforms? Marketo's on-demand platform, effortless integration, ease-of-use, and cost efficiency put it at the front of Christiana Care's vendor list.

Christiana Care was able to effortlessly find the funds needed to purchase Marketo's revenue performance management solution simply by cutting back on direct mail and print advertising. In addition to the generous cost savings, there were three other factors that truly set Marketo apart: How easy it is to use; How effectively Design Studio reduces the workload of designers; And, how Markeo can be used for A/B testing of existing marketing content to determine the best strategies to meet marketing objectives.

A different business that found similar success with Marketo is DNA Response. They provide an innovative and effective turnkey solution for manufacturers of consumer products to better market, sell and distribute through innovative Internet vehicles. Including, online marketplaces, custom e-stores, direct response TV, deal sites, home shopping networks and social marketing.

DNA Response had previously used a 'cookie cutter' email tool that didn't offer engineering support or allowed for integration with their client databases. DNA would benefit from an automated marketing platform that was user friendly, scalable and that offered advanced API for both lines of the business.

Both companies turned to Marketo because it provides unsurpassed scalability and tangible, results-driven solutions for modern business.

DNA Response uses Marketo's flexible API to sell products to their consumers through affiliates and affiliate channels. Without this capability, DNA would need to manually send an unsubscribe list to 400,000+ affiliates which, of course, would be impossible. They've also been able to record and monitor shopping cart abandonment, eventually recovering lost sales. DNA facilitates this solution with Marketo so rapidly that clients are extremely satisfied with the increased revenue potential, and,have built trust and confidence in DNA's platform.

With Marketo, DNA Response drives revenue intelligently and successfully. They are regularly honing in on best-practices for their B2B marketing strategies and B2C channels. Their marketing team is encouraged by the tangible results they see with Marketo in direct consumer strategies. They closely monitor deliverability rates and often experiment with multiple variations of content, storing a wealth of information on A/B testing. They've also garnered buyer goodwill by developing valuable consumer databases that they share with their clients—something other ecommerce platforms simply are unable to offer. DNA Response is able to record personal information and email open rates of 25% - 30% by creating promotional offers with the Marketo Mining Page.

Ultimately, they've been able to effectively and creatively leverage Marketo's API to improve client revenue, and they are very pleased with the ROI they've received. DNA Response is confident that whatever new application they develop, Marketo's flexible solutions will be there to ensure it's implemented effectively.

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