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Direct Response Advertising

DNA Response

Direct response advertising, when deployed correctly, triggers an instantaneous emotional response from consumers. Each response (and subsequent purchase) is measured and tied to specific advertisements. Direct response advertising is deliverable through many different media channels, including print, online media, radio, television and telemarketing. For direct response advertising firm, DNA Response, Marketo delivered superior results.

DNA Response is a well respected solutions provider for consumer product manufacturers. The company assists these manufacturers in marketing, selling, and distributing directly to consumers through various channels such as e-marketplaces, custom online stores, social marketing spheres, and deal sites, direct response TV, and home shopping networks.

Direct response advertising service offers dashboard visibility into processing, payment, advertising, and fulfillment of orders for all online channels. Their business model use the pay for performance model. Here, payment is not made if they don't sell anything. Also, the marketing tools they provide to clients must be exceptional.

Earlier, DNA Response used a new email tool that neither had any engineering support nor the ability to integrate with customer databases. Then, DNA needed an automated scalable, marketing platform that offered advanced API to manage both B2B and B2C lines of their business.

DNA Response chose to work with Marketo because it provided excellent scalability for their direct response advertising business. Dennis Palmer, the Senior Marketing Manager, knew that he could train people on Marketo very easily. The seamless integration of Marketo with Salesforce.com and customer databases produced high ROI in terms of time saved on manual processes. In addition to using Marketo for B2B, DNA also used Marketo's API for direct consumer marketing by integrating with other customer databases. DNA Response also partnered with Marketo's professional services team to create a system that exploits B2C opportunities.

Marketo's flexible API also allows DNA Response to sell products directly to consumers through affiliates and affiliate networks. Without this capability, DNA would have to manually send an unsubscribe list to over 400,000 affiliates which, of course, would be impossible.

DNA Response has also been able to flag shopping cart abandonment, and recover lost sales. They coordinate this feature with Marketo so swiftly that clients are very impressed with the increased revenue results. This builds trust and confidence in DNA's platform.

DNA Response drives revenue creatively and effectively with Marketo. They are always narrowing in on what strategies work best for their B2B marketing initiatives and B2C channels, and they are seeing instant results with Marketo in direct consumer campaigns. They watch deliverability rates, and they are storing up data on A/B testing by experimenting with different variations of content. DNA Response has garnered the favor of their clients by putting together and sharing valuable customer databases — something other ecommerce platforms withhold.

DNA Response is able to capture personal information very effectively by developing promotional offers with Marketo Mining Page, with email open rates of 25% - 30% and click through rates of 15%. Ultimately, they have leveraged their use of Marketo's API to increase client revenues.

As impressed as they are with the ROI thus far, DNA Response knows that whatever new application they can invent, Marketo's flexible solutions will ensure its effective implementation to boost client revenue.

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