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Cheap Marketing Ideas

Using a Webinar in Marketing

Webinars have the ability to attract new prospects to your website and help nurture existing prospects down the sales funnel. A recent study by ON24 reported that the average webinar captures 433 registrants, and 42% of those will attend.

The beauty of this sort of technology is that it's no more complex than using a regular web camera, and cheap enough for a marketer to trial it without a commitment. All you need is a laptop, a depth camera, and a monthly license (which you can buy online). Even a non-technical marketer can set this up quickly.

At Marketo, we run hundreds of webinars a year. Personally, I find traditional webinars very dry, especially product demos which I am responsible for. Also, I want our prospects to connect with me personally as the local face of Marketo in APAC.

Soon after, our sales staff started using this technology in our remote calls to great effect. One nifty feature is the ability to film two people at the same time in an ‘expert panel’ style setup. As you can imagine, this technology is not just useful for live broadcasts, it can easily be used for pre-prepared videos and presentations.

Effective and inexpensive do not have to be mutually exclusive in your marketing plan. Webinars are a perfect example of a cheap marketing idea that can get great results.

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