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Businesses Using Social Media

Social Media Tactical Plan

B2B (Business to Business) Social Media refers to the many different channels of the social web as they relate to the business world. This could be anything from blogs, various social networks or even wikis. Additionally, B2B social media references how prospects, customers and business users use social media to research, learn, communicate and even engage with one another through online content sharing.

Social media plays an integral role in the complete B2B decision-making process. When deployed correctly social media can help you to gain trust, express interest, promote products or services and much more. Use the Marketo Social Media Tactical Plan to define tactical objectives in order to realize the following social media goals;

Regardless of whether you are an active participant in social media or if your use is limited, your business requires a tangible social media strategy to give it the competitive edge it needs to succeed.

As the starting point for using social media in your B2B marketing plan, our Social Media Tactical Plan will help business using social media to:

The Social Media Tactical Plan can be downloaded here.

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