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Business To Business Leads

Best Practices to manage Business to Business Leads over their Lifecycle

Every business knows that more leads are the way to more sales, but do you have a process in place to manage them? About 45% of business-to-business leads, those that have inquired about a product or service, end up buying. Also business-to-consumer leads tend to close at a higher percentage: typically, 55 to 60%. How many of your leads are closing, and what are you doing to increase those percentages?

To enhance lead generation and achieve a considerable number of quality leads for your business, follow these 5 steps:

1. Capture Today's marketers should focus on ensuring a higher rate of sales-ready B2B leads through strategic lead generation. This requires a connection between your B2B blog, download of a whitepaper or conversation on a social channel. Irrespective of the type of channel, it is important to capture and nurture the lead

2. Nurture The leads that are not ready for handing over to sales, need to be nurtured appropriately. Many of them may be in the research stage, so sending emails, offers, and targeted content could help educate about statistics, so that it moves forward in the sales cycle.

3. Score Successful B2B lead generation involves generation of quality leads. Lead scoring is a good way to segment leads for better lead management. You can assign a score to the lead based on estimated time to close, probability of sale, estimated size of scale, and sales readiness. Assigning a score depends on demographics, lead source information, and others. Leads that are assigned 'sales-ready' score are passed onto sales.

4. Give When passing on a B2B lead to sales, you need to provide complete information about the lead that will help the sales team close the sale. Useful information like the marketing activities the prospect has shown interest in and the likely product the prospect might purchase.

5. Evaluate A successful lead generation process needs to evaluate B2B leads with the sales team and refine the lead scoring conditions. Through continuous evaluation, you can adapt your campaigns to the changing needs of current business conditions. This ensures that leads don't close are not sent back to marketing for nurturing.

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